Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Moment of Rambles

Let your unfailing love surround us, Lord, for our hope is in You alone. Psalm 33:22

This has been a week. You know one of those that never seems to end, and then when it does it feels like it was 20 days long? Do you ever have those? I have wanted to share about some things that have been happening but, honestly have been a little afraid to put them out there. Can you tell it's been awhile since I came here and got honest?

{This is to catch you up}
{{This was hard to share}}

The Mr and I were having some issues, some Big Ol' Bumps in the road.
Yep, we were.
Mr and Mrs "got it together".
We went through our first rough patch after 7 years and it was a doozy!
Was it the baby? Work? Us?
I think it was God.
We both lost focus and got wrapped up in life but, the separate ones we were leading.
I was a mom, friend, but not a great wife. He was a dad, a boss, but not a great husband.
It came to a head when we realized that for about 6 months we had been roommates and not partners. Not even friends really. I was lonely in my own house and so was he.
I am only sharing this with you with his permission of course.
I think we forgot that we were supposed to face one another and not the same direction.
You see it doesn't work if you do that. If you both have goals things you want to happen and that is your focus. Even though your going the same direction, it's dangerous not to stay face to face. We were both so focused on Jackson and life we forgot each other. We needed help. I honestly had not shared this with anyone. I was so embarrassed. We were embarrassed, How did we get here? We went to our pastor and his wife and quite literally had a "Come to Jesus". A time where we got honest with each other and had to refocus ourselves back to the Lord. Things have been better.
Perfect, No. Better, yes.
I would say we are on the right track. We started praying together as a family again. We are also making sure that while Jackson is our #1 man, we are each others first love.
So this is where we are now. We remember now, how fun it is to date each other. Praying together is the most intimate thing we do together, it flows into other aspects of our lives.
It's been amazing. We both feel like we can breathe again.
I encourage you to not only pray for your significant other, but together.

Now onto this week.
It has been a roller coaster.

We had Jackson's 12 week assessment at therapy. Things are going well. When we look at where we started, we have come so far. My heart still aches for him to walk now. I am praying for patience for myself and Jackson. I know you all will celebrate with me the day my little man will be running around, until then I am confident we are on the right track. Mrs. Cheryl and Danielle (his physical therapist's) are amazing and have been just wonderful with Jackson.

Roller Coaster

I have asked for Prayer before for Baby Stellan on my other blog. He is the child of a woman I do not know but, have felt so lead to pray for. Stellan had SVT and it was winning. His poor body was losing the war. Then as if God wanted it to look that way
(not "as if", he knew what he was doing all long) he took Stellan from his death bed and healed him through the hands of his Doctor's.

"I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11
It was a miracle. We were blessed to watch a miracle.

Roller Coaster

Then yesterday we received news that a dear sister in Christ's father was in a terrible motorcycle accident. I won't go into details but, I will tell you her story is one of an obedience that is so beautiful. Wendy is such an amazing woman. Someone I look up to so much, even though she would never want that attention. Her father is someone who was a support in her life in more ways than one, and dear friends he did not make it. She is left with three precious children to care for. I am heartbroken and ask that you would pray for this family.

Roller Coaster.

Then an email this morning.
My sweet friend Emily was blessed with her precious, healthy, chubby cheeked, baby boy yesterday. Mr. Justin, he is perfection I tell you, and when we meet in person (hopefully soon) I will have pictures to share.

It's times like this I am so glad I have someone to pray with. To pray for our friends we love, babies we don't know, babies we are so excited to add to our family, and our own to start his next adventure. Yesterday I didn't have the words to pray and Brian was able to step in and say them for us. I am thankful for Brian, so blessed to have him. This life is so precious and so fragile. A loss and a new baby. This week has been a roller coaster.

If you made it this far. I would ask once again that you hold Wendy and her family up in prayer. Please, tell me if you ever want me to pray for you. At the least and most I hope you know we are always here for that.